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As a valued Cisco security user, you’ve already chosen excellence. Let EDCi take this a step further with our specialized security assessment services. We focus on evaluating and enhancing your security infrastructure, ensuring it meets and exceeds reliability and advanced protection requirements.

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Cisco Vulnerability Management

Cisco Vulnerability Management provides a powerful tool for intercepting and responding to cyber threats with precision. It combines advanced algorithms and extensive threat intelligence to prioritize fixes effectively, reducing risk. This system boasts an impressive ability to predict and prevent exploits, tracking vulnerability trends with up to 94% accuracy. Users benefit from over 19 threat intelligence feeds, offering a wide-ranging view of the threat landscape. Additionally, it enhances efficiency and communication by providing a unified, data-verified source of information. This alignment between security and IT teams minimizes friction and maximizes resource utilization, while its intuitive risk scores simplify report generation for better understanding across teams.

EDCi’s Cybersecurity Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

EDCi’s Vulnerability Security Assessments dive into your infrastructure, employing advanced techniques like penetration testing, network scanning, and application security evaluations. We analyze everything from firewall configurations and endpoint protection to encryption standards and access control mechanisms. Our team also reviews compliance with frameworks like ISO and NIST guidelines. The result is a detailed technical report highlighting vulnerabilities and prioritizing them based on potential impact and likelihood. 

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, or “Pen Testing,” is more than just identifying vulnerabilities; it’s actively challenging them. With explicit organizational consent, our certified engineers simulate real-world cyberattacks using the latest tools and tactics. By mimicking genuine adversarial techniques, we gauge the steadfast resilience of an organization’s defenses, revealing both vulnerabilities and the potential impact of a breach. Post-test, we furnish a concise report detailing the discovered weak points and offer strategic recommendations for enhancement, ensuring that organizations are not just safeguarded but ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Network Analysis

EDCi specializes in security network analysis, ensuring threats that slip past your defenses are swiftly detected and neutralized. Our approach systematically maps every device, software, and network connection, providing a holistic view of your organization’s digital landscape. This expansive perspective allows us to monitor network traffic meticulously and assess firewall configurations critically, ensuring your digital pathways are open exclusively to authenticated connections. By combining infrastructure analysis with in-depth network evaluations, we offer unmatched assurance. Potential vulnerabilities are promptly identified and mitigated, guarding your digital assets against unauthorized intrusions. 

Access Assessment

We thoroughly evaluate identity management systems, scrutinize Single Sign-On (SSO) and federated identity integrations, and test the reliability of multi-factor authentication (MFA) setups. Our approach examines role-based access controls (RBAC) and zero-trust security models for network segmentation and dynamic access policies. This comprehensive analysis ensures precise access levels and identifies potential vulnerabilities, providing targeted recommendations for strengthening your access security posture.