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EDCi is a leading provider of communication and technology solutions focusing on data center, security, application delivery, contact center technologies and managed services. We excel at strategic needs assessments, project management, design, installation, risk management, training, and post-sales support, setting us apart from the competition and ensuring our customers’ needs are met today and in the future.



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Enhancing Human Connection with an AI Powered Contact Center

In our original hopes for machines, we hoped they would serve us and feared they may replace us. [read article]

‘Tis the Season of Giving – and Taking

Thieves don’t rest in the holiday season—Essential tips to protect yourself against online threats. As we embrace the [read article]

Embracing Humanity in the Age of Technology: Human touch remains vital in the contact center 

In a world where automation and artificial intelligence are making waves across industries, let’s not forget the irreplaceable [read article]

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