What Can Bots Do For You?

It’s no secret that managers are struggling to fill seats in their contact centers. Frequently, contact centers operating with inadequate staff levels can result in diminished team morale, compromised quality of patient service, and decreased operational efficiency. Now is the time to bridge the gap and put the power of automation to work for you!

A good customer experience is vital to your contact center and so is the technology that delivers it. Bots can play a significant role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of contact centers by automating various tasks and providing better customer experiences. This includes automated customer support, uninterrupted 24/7 availability, streamlined appointment scheduling, billing procedures, fundamental trouble shooting, and an array of additional capabilities.

A well-designed approach to seamlessly transfer bot-to-human collaboration can lead to reduced hold times, increased personalization, improved ROI, amplified agent productivity, seamless scalability, and faster resolution times. This comprehensive approach empowers contact center agents to fully harness their capabilities in delivering tailored and prompt customer support.  

These tools optimize workflows, reduce manual tasks, and enhance agents’ capacity to deliver personalized and efficient customer assistance. 

Common Use Cases for Bots

  • Basic inquiries (pricing, product information, order status, claim status, balances owed or payment information)
  • Creating a transaction such as placing an order, submitting a claim, scheduling a meeting or making a dinner reservation
  • Make a recommendation such as which delivery service is best for me, what are the best flowers for my occasion, or should I see a doctor based on my symptoms
  • Open a support ticket for issues such as password help, remote system troubleshooting, non-functional product troubleshooting
  • Collect information such as survey responses, information on the reason for the contact so it can be passed or routed to the best agent
  • Provide training such as videos, documents, or web redirects
  • Marketing offers such as promotions, warranty information, up-sell offers and new product feature demos

Bot Examples

I can’t login to my online account

Gartner reports that 20% – 50% of all help desk calls are related to password resets. Forrester indicates these calls cost an average of $70 each.

Password reset is an expensive call. You can expedite resolution and reduce the cost through use of a bot. Authentication policies and password procedures vary; bots are flexible and can be configured to accommodate most processes. See an example of one solution below.

I need to schedule an appointment

Scheduling appointments is common for doctors, veterinarians, insurance, investment services, home repair and more; however, the pandemic has caused other industries to implement “appointment only” visits in order to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  There is a rise in scheduling needs for auto dealers, banks, retailers with curbside pick up or deliver, to name a few. Automating the scheduling process should make it simple and easy for your customers.  See an example of one scheduling process below.

Do you have an idea or use case for a bot? Contact EDCi’s experts to help your vision become a reality!