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Short system downtime windows, limited off-hours staffing and lack of skills to perform the work needed are risks many managers face.  EDCi’s managed services involve a multi-vendor approach that leverages our Network Operations Center (NOC) to keep your systems running while you focus on other business priorities.  Working with our Services Delivery Manager, you direct the activities on your systems.  As a facet of our service, you will also have access to analytics that can assist in managing your enterprise systems – in place of the noise of many system alerts.  EDCi offers 24×7 SLA-based monitoring and management of all types, from on-premise to cloud.  We provide multiple service levels from event monitoring and escalation, to SOP-based remediation and incident management, to full problem management and root-cause analysis.

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Our Solutions

Monitoring & Management

We can monitor and manage anything with an IP address...

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Alert Management

Using our RMM tool we provide 24 x 7 Monitoring and Alerting providing the ability to identify issues much faster and can be addressed proactively.

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Service Requests / Tickets / MAC's

We leverage our support portal to assign tickets and to manage service requests for small, repeatable tasks, such as moves, adds and changes (MAC).

Root Cause Analysis

EDCi will perform a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for all P1 outage incidents to identify the underlying problem.

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Proactive Patching

Using extensive automated patching capabilities for Microsoft Systems and software-based on Windows Software Update Services (WSUS), we can ensure customer assets and data are protected with immediate patching direct from Microsoft.

Reports & Analytics

A vast array of standard reports are available that provide a wealth of information about your infrastructure, whether it’s an Executive, Security or IT Manager.

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Remote Help Desk

Our help desk is designed to deliver a premium help desk experience at a price that meets your budget.

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