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Throughout our internship, co-op, and emerging talent opportunities at EDCi, you’re able to gain real-world experience while collaborating with seasoned professionals who provide insight into everyday IT challenges. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of a full range of products and services while exploring career paths, building networks and developing skills for success. At EDCi you will discover an environment where innovation meets practical application and grow exponentially both personally and professionally.

My experience at Fox Valley Technical College has allowed me to pursue career opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise. EDCi is extremely understanding and flexible with when it comes to your personal life – education or family wise.  



Administrative Assistant

FVTC Grad Class of 2010

Explore the Benefits of Internships & Co-ops at EDCi

Personal Growth

EDCi provides college students and graduates with a unique opportunity for exponential career growth in tech. You have the opportunity to be exposed to a full spectrum of IT projects, from infrastructure to cybersecurity, cloud services, software development, and data analytics. EDCi partners with leading tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco, and Genesys. You’ll have the opportunity to earn industry recognized certifications and receive ongoing learning. The project-driven nature of EDCi encourages teamwork, client interaction, and solution development, refining your communication and leadership skills.

Skill Development

At EDCi you’ll explore diverse technologies, platforms, and solutions, progressing from basics to mastering complex IT environments. Real-world projects will enhance your project management, client interaction, and communication skills. Engaging with clients will refine your communication skills and give you a glimpse into the world of sales and marketing. The ever-evolving tech landscape ensures that you remain a lifelong learner, constantly adapting and innovating. EDCi prepares you to become a well-rounded IT professional. 

Job Flexibility

Fully embracing the modern workplace, EDCi offers remote work capabilities. We recognize needs of our team, especially those furthering their education. Internships and co-ops enjoy flexible hours to balance work with school and extracurricular activities, giving you the freedom to explore and take on challenges, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding experience.


EDCi offers extensive networking opportunities to shape your career path. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with professionals from diverse industries through our client base. Our partnerships with leading technology vendors connect you with representatives and networks. You’ll engage with specialists to expand your network.

Cultural Fit

Co-op and internship experiences let you gauge company and industry fit. As a family-owned business, EDCi prioritizes work-life balance, growth, and unity. EDCi values personal time, support staff growth, and fosters a collaborative environment – even in remote work, with frequent team outings and social activities.

Life at EDCi

At EDCi, we value balance, growth, and togetherness. This means we take pride in respect for personal time off and unplugging, we invest in staff success, and have created a collaborative environment to share knowledge and celebrate one another’s achievements.

I joined EDCi part time while pursuing my AAS in Network Systems Administrations at Fox Valley Technical College. The experience and on the job training that EDCi provided matched the curriculum of FVTC exceptionally well. I was able to learn my passion and pursue it at the same time. EDCi hired me on full time after obtaining my degree. Now I’m doing what I love everyday!

Managed Services Engineer
FVTC Grad Class of 2021

IT Engineering & Consulting
Opportunities Include:

Internship Experience at EDCi

“The gratification of seeing your own work resulting in a product is something that I’ve never experienced before and can’t get enough of.”

Jared, Customer Care Intern

FVTC was able to provide me with the knowledge and tools for me to take my first steps into an IT career. My biggest advice to students and recent grads is to be prepared to never stop learning! 

Senior Network Engineer
FVTC Grad Class of 2013

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