Cybersecurity Monitoring and Managed Services

Monitoring, Detection, and Response to Cyber Threats

We ensure your network is monitored and meticulously cared for, safeguarding against potential threats while optimizing performance. Partner with us and let our dedicated team become an extension of yours, offering the expertise and vigilance you need to thrive in today’s digital world.

Cisco SecureX

Cisco’s SecureX platform significantly enhances organizational security by offering a unified, built-in experience across various security products. It provides comprehensive visibility and intuitive automation across an organization’s entire security portfolio, streamlining security operations. With its orchestration capabilities, SecureX enables the automation of routine tasks through prebuilt workflows or custom-built ones using a user-friendly, low-to-no-code interface. This feature is instrumental in aligning security processes with everyday use cases. Regarding threat response, SecureX offers superior insights and context for faster detection, response, and recovery. It accelerates threat investigations and incident management by correlating global intelligence in a single, easily navigable view.

Additionally, SecureX offers detailed device insights, giving a comprehensive inventory and contextual awareness crucial for identifying coverage gaps and simplifying security investigations. The platform’s user experience is enhanced with a dashboard ribbon for quick access to features and single sign-on capabilities, ensuring seamless sharing and context maintenance around security incidents. Overall, SecureX is a robust tool for organizations aiming to bolster their security posture with efficiency and advanced intelligence.

EDCi Monitoring and Managed Services

Continuous Monitoring

Empower your business with our advanced Monitoring Tools, offering continuous, state-of-the-art surveillance of your network traffic, user activities, and system health. Our tools are adept at detecting anomalies and security threats, ensuring your digital environment remains secure and reliable.

With Enhanced Visibility, gain unparalleled insight into every facet of your network and IT systems. This comprehensive oversight allows for more effective identification and mitigation of potential security risks, keeping your operations safe and secure.

Experience the reassurance of 24/7 surveillance with our services. We’re constantly vigilant, promptly identifying and addressing cybersecurity threats, ensuring your business enjoys uninterrupted protection and swift response at all times. Trust us to be your eyes and ears in the digital world, safeguarding your data and systems around the clock.

Threat Detection and Analysis

Stay ahead of security threats with Behavioral Analysis feature, where we examine user and system behaviors to spot anomalies. These deviations from normal patterns often indicate potential security breaches, allowing us to take swift action.

We take security intelligence to the next level with Comprehensive Data Analysis. By analyzing a wide array of data from multiple sources, we can accurately identify and assess the nature and severity of any threats, providing you with an in-depth understanding and effective solutions.

Regular Vulnerability Scanning forms a crucial part of our service, proactively scanning your systems and networks for any vulnerabilities. This continuous vigilance helps prevent potential exploits by attackers, keeping your digital assets secure and your peace of mind intact.

Incident Response and Remediation

Our approach includes thorough Incident Prioritization. We assess and prioritize threats based on their potential impact, ensuring the most critical issues receive our immediate and focused response.

To mitigate any security incident, we deploy effective Containment Strategies. These measures are designed to swiftly contain the incident and prevent any further threat spread, safeguarding your digital assets and operations.

Our Forensic Analysis team conducts a detailed investigation in the wake of an incident. We delve into the incident’s nature, scope, and origin, providing you with clear insights and understanding of the event.

Finally, our Post-Incident Review process is integral to our service. We analyze each incident thoroughly to understand what happened and why. This approach helps us continuously improve our response strategies, ensuring even more robust protection for your business in the future.

Expert Team Support

We provide strategic insights by thoroughly analyzing security incidents and emerging trends. This guidance enhances your security posture and prepares you for future challenges.

Stay a step ahead with our Proactive Security Recommendations. We offer expert advice on potential vulnerabilities within your network and suggest effective methods to address them, ensuring your defenses are always robust and up-to-date.

Our services are enriched by Cross-Domain Expertise, bringing together knowledge from various security domains. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic view of cybersecurity, covering all bases to protect your digital assets.

In our commitment to your security, we emphasize Collaborative Security Planning. We work with your team, integrating our expertise with your insights for strategic security planning and effective implementation. Together, we build a resilient and secure digital environment tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

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