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The New Streamlined Approach to Virtualization

Unprecedented Flexibility, Simplicity and Speed - All at a Lower Cost

Businesses and organizations are gaining competitive advantages and operational efficiencies by providing access to applications from anywhere on any device. EDCi’s virtualization solutions provide the ability to secure, mobilize and optimize application development and data delivery to employees, partners and customers from any device anywhere in the world. Our team of app developers, certified architects, application engineers and project managers offers best practices assessments, architectural designs and professionally-managed implementations. Post-implementation, we provide help desk support services, remote managed services and staffing solutions to continually protect and enhance your investments.

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Our Solutions

App Virtualization / Virtual Desktop

EDCi can deliver applications and desktops to any device, anywhere, while creating a flexible, secure, and user-friendly solution

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Mobility Management / File Sync & Sharing

Consumer mobile devices and applications have arrived into our organizations. It is hard to dispute the competitive advantage true mobility gives our organizations.

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Server Virtualization / Networking

EDCi offers a comprehensive solution in server virtualization. Server virtualization increases a data center’s agility, flexibility, and scalability while producing a substantial cost savings.

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Storage Virtualization / Management

Storage virtualization offers our data center benefits similar to server virtualization. We expand your agility, flexibility, and scalability by not limiting virtualization to the server infrastructure.

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Application WAN Optimization / Redundancy

As your business grows into new markets, so does your network. Organizations rely heavily on the Wide Area Network (WAN) to deliver business critical applications and resources to branch offices.

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Application Security / Secure Remote Access

Today business environment organizations face demand for 24/7 availability and increased security threats. EDCi can securely deliver applications over any network to any device.

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Virtual Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

In today’s business environment cloud solutions have become standard. Most organization are using a hybrid cloud within their operations.

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