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Security solutions to keep your data secure

Companies today are challenged more than ever with defending their organizations against ever-increasing attack surfaces, security vulnerabilities and social engineering attacks. In order to defend your security, network and data efficiently, you need to implement strong processes and integrated information security technologies. EDCi focuses on developing long-term partnerships built around increasing an organization’s security posture. We provide information security technologies, processes and solutions that secure the enterprise in all areas – from mobility to perimeter management, and incident readiness/response, to proactive alerting. More than a product set, EDCi provides expertise in ISMS creation, management and security controls, data threat protection, data loss prevention, as these are the core components that enable your organization’s commitment to security.

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Our Solutions

Consulting / Risk Management / ISMS

Security involves more than just putting in an IPS. It’s about people, process and IT systems and the balance between risks to your business, and the cost of securing it.

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Access & Authorization

In today’s business world – with ever-changing devices, user access requirements and the necessary components – it’s increasing difficult to balance network security with the flexibility your customers and employees need.

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SIEM Services

Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM, devices provide the backbone for keeping you alerted to security breaches in your environment.

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DNS and DHCP are one of the most critical components to your organization and should be treated as such.

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Vulnerability & Penetration

Understanding your companies’ vulnerabilities and prioritizing your assets and their protection, is not a “one and done” task.

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Incident Response

How you respond to Information Security incidents is one of the most critical security components and processes within your business.

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Firewall & IPS

EDCi has secured Firewalls and provided IPS implementation and configuration for over a decade.

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Endpoints serve as an organization’s first line of defense.

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