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Customer Experience Solutions in the Cloud and On Premises

EDCi provides the right-cost, high-value technology solutions to reduce operations and maintenance expense and improve customer care performance. Our tools help to improve metrics, enhance customer touch points, and manage your business to achieve performance objectives. We can assist you in both improving the use of existing technology and supplementing with new technology.

The EDCi team begins by understanding your business objectives, current investments and priorities in order to formulate a budget-friendly, 3-5 year technology investment strategy.

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Our Solutions

Contact Center Functionality

Providing high quality service becomes more and more challenging by the day. End users are increasingly more technology-savvy AND they expect varying options for interacting with your company for customer service.

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Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics offers a method to analyze useful information that could affect several areas of your business, including contact centers, marketing, business intelligence and executive offices.

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Multi-Channel / Omni-channel Access

Omni-channel solutions provide single-engine advanced routing for all interaction types – from voice to emails, web chat to SMS, and social media to video chat. It’s about unified communications.

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Workforce management / Optimization

Workforce optimization and management tools include sales forecasting software and automatic scheduling across multiple skills and channels

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Integrations / Custom Applications

EDCi has worked with several application integrations – both pre-packaged and custom – to help share information seamlessly across your enterprise.

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Business Process Automation

EDCi provides process automation recommendations that improve efficiencies related to both your external and internal customers.

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EDCi can create a bot that will help you automate your business and provide relief for your contact center.

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