Taste of Technology Schedule

Session 1, 10:00-10:45

The Future of Work Is Now
Hear how the latest innovations at Citrix are shaping how users consume technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud. You’ll gain a better understanding of where Citrix is today and where they are headed while learning about new and emerging technologies.
Presenter: Joel Piper, Lead Virtualization Engineer, Citrix

Technology Trends in Storage, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
IT enterprises are changing. New technology and standards are revolutionizing the marketplace at an accelerated rate. Let’s explore how new storage infrastructures provide value and reduce the overall complexity while delivering next generation functionality in the new data economy.
Presenter: Todd Virnoche, SWAT Data Solutions Architect, IBM

19 Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware is on everyone’s minds. You’ve prepared by backing up your data. But are your backups protected? Attend this informative session to learn great ways to make sure that not only is your production data protected from ransomware, but that your backups are also protected. This will cover the latest design strategies, user training topics as well as Veeam and Veeam partner solutions to be resilient against the next threat.
Presenter: Joe Marton, Sr. Systems Engineer, Veeam

IVA is the New IVR
With rapid advances in conversational artificial intelligence technologies, IVRs are quickly being replaced with cloud-based Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs). An IVA goes a step further than an IVR by interacting with callers just like live agents. In this session you’ll learn:

  • How leading brands are benefiting from an IVA
  • How to identify conversations perfect for an IVA
  • How an IVA can integrate with contact center technology

Presenter: Dan Fox, Vice President of Product Marketing & Strategy, SmartAction

Session 2, 11:15-12:00

Empowering the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365
Microsoft provides a wide range of cloud-based solutions to create and empower the modern workplace. Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 (Microsoft 365) solutions support many key needs of today’s enterprises.  During this session we will talk about how IT can leverage the Microsoft 365 suite to improve upon the productivity, collaboration and security of their business units such as HR and Marketing.
Presenter: Andrew Bronstad, Senior Solutions Architect, EDCi

Premise vs. Cloud – Who Wins the Race?
The Customer Experience arena is evolving at break neck speeds. The adoption of cloud is picking up speed, but premise systems still represent over 80% of the contact centers. Customers are more demanding that the brands they choose to do business with offer a differentiated customer experience – and will spend 15% more money with those brands. In this race to achieve great CX, who wins? Cloud or Premise?
Presenter: Alex Ball, Vice President of Sales, Genesys

The Modern Data Center
Is there a text book definition or a standard for today’s modern data center?  Probably not, at least not just one.  Today’s data center might be at a colocation facility, a corporate brick and mortar purpose-built facility, several data closets, all, or none of the above.  We will go over trends in technology that simplify the process of building, expanding or refreshing a data center.  Innovations in UPS and PDU technology will change ROI formulas.  We’ll discuss how that might affect equipment selection on future purchases.  We will also talk about ways to keep track of your equipment and deal with the data it provides.  Is a DCIM package needed or would it be better to set up alarms on smart devices?  We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches.
Presenter: Bryce Kleen, Manager Solutions & Emerging Technologies, IT and Edge Infrastructure, Vertiv

Cisco Threat Defense/Threat Landscape
This session will give you a threat update and cover the threat defense landscape. We’ll discuss DNS hijacking, email and the malware highway, Office365 phishing, digital extortion and encrypted traffic threats. We’ll also get into some best practices for security strategies that your company can implement quickly and easily.
Presenter: Kevin Switzer, Technology Consultant, Cisco

Session 3, 1:15-2:00

Architecting the Privileged Workspace
As a highly privileged worker, you have the power to create, enhance and destroy – and so does anyone who can impersonate you, use your tools, or otherwise abuse your powers. A discussion of the architectural aspects of a privileged workspace, resource delivery models and the 5Ws of Context along with thoughts, tools and techniques focused on both our present missions and future opportunities.

You’ll gain a better understanding of how to deliver an optimized, productive end-user experience while increasing your security posture. This session will help you understand general security trends and threats which affect all of us.
Presenters: Kurt Roemer and Joel Piper, Citrix

Wi-Fi 6: Reinventing the Mobile Experience
Wi-Fi 6 is revolutionizing the way we communicate, transact business and interact with the physical and digital worlds. This new technology opens the door to new use cases and business models that will power tomorrow’s applications and opportunities. This new era of networking must be designed to take full advantage of Wi-Fi 6, along with the wired infrastructure needed to meet increasing demands. In this session you’ll hear about Wi-Fi 6 and how the Cisco Catalyst family has expanded to include Wi-Fi 6 wireless solutions. Learn how our wireless solutions go above and beyond the Wi-Fi 6 standard with a custom ASIC, advancements in security, support for IoT, advanced analytics, reliability and industry partnerships with Apple and Samsung to optimize performance. See how we are simplifying and reinventing access with Catalyst wired and wireless solutions to give you one network, one operating system and end-to-end security. You will also see a demo of a powerful location platform to give you actionable insights, provide trigger notifications, and drive better business outcomes.
Presenters: Patrick Croak, Cisco

A Visual Channel is Critical to Your Digital Transformation Strategy
Visual Assistance is a mature technology already delivering value and is critical to the future of manufacturers. This session will give you an introduction to visual assistance and discuss it’s benefits. You’ll see a demo of visual assistance and we’ll talk about the future as well.
Presenter: Don Bambrick, Marketing Director, TechSee

Teach Computer Sciences and Keep Your Day Job!
Come and learn how to teach CS and keep your day job! The Microsoft TEALS Program helps high schools build and grow sustainable computer science programs throughout North America and right here in Wisconsin. This service isn’t possible without knowledgeable and compassionate volunteers like yourself. Listen to a panel of teachers, volunteers, and students who will share their experiences and answer any questions you may have. The skills and knowledge you gain as a volunteer will help you to be a better mentor and leader in your own career, all while helping to build the CS talent pipeline in Wisconsin.
Presenter: Amy Bires, Northeast WI Regional Manager, Microsoft TEALS

Session 4, 2:30-3:15

Integration Strategies with Microsoft and Cisco
In a modern workplace we recognize that customers can have a mix of different vendors across conference rooms and calling infrastructure solutions. Over the year’s customers have asked us to simplify their deployment complexity in a mixed vendor environment. During this session we will talk about key interoperability options between Microsoft and Cisco to help simplify meeting and calling for mutual customers.
Presenter: Matt Sims, Customer Success Manager, Microsoft

Advanced Penetration Testing and Domain Trust Exploitation
In this session, we will dive deep into some specific tools and techniques used by penetration testers to move laterally throughout enterprise domains. These techniques focus heavily on avoiding detection through traditional SIEM log correlation by exploiting domain trust relationships and “living off the land”. Attendees will experience a deep dive into the world of penetration testing supported by evidence from real-life scenarios.
Presenter: Mark Kikta, Senior Security Architect, RedLegg

Cisco Tetration – Implementing True Micro-Segmentation
As a key component of Cisco’s Zero Trust architecture, Tetration is a platform that uses unsupervised Machine Learning and advanced algorithms to help accelerate and automate micro-segmentation projects for protecting application workloads in hybrid datacenter/cloud environments. This adaptive approach accurately models each application based on how it actually behaves/functions in your environment down to the process level – while also providing the ability to easily adapt to changes in the environment or applications. This session will provide an overview of how Tetration delivers true micro-segmentation, and how it compares with other segmentation strategies.
Presenter: Greg Holly, Strategic Product Specialist, Cisco

Budget-Friendly Solutions to New Technological Influences in Customer Care
It’s a tug o’war game, customers and employees have higher demands, they want more technology, new tools, and new products…but it’s not in the budget! We’re reaching beyond chat, social media, and internet based selling and watching a new movement emerge. Our addiction to technology is fueling growth but having a dramatic impact on you and your team. Come to this session to hear about these new technologies and ways to adapt to them that won’t break the bank.
Presenter: Julie Rohloff, Digital Transformation Consultant, EDCi