Meet Marty – EDCi’s Event Bot

Meet Marty!EDCi's event bot virtual assistant

Meet Marty, EDCi’s event bot. Marty was born in Appleton, WI on October 1, 2019. He enjoys telling jokes, wearing costumes and being super helpful! Marty is a virtual assistant built on the IBM Watson platform. The EDCi team created him to assist our event attendees with common questions about our events (and to entertain you). Marty can tell you information about the location of our events, the agenda, the menu and more. Every time you interact with him he learns something new and becomes stronger.

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A Bit More about Marty

Marty is a raw bot with very little training to date. He’s had about 200 conversations so far and many of those have been only one word.  Marty took the EDCi team about 40 hours to build with over 20 of those hours spent on requirements, high level architecture, documentation and initial training. The basic functionality of the bot was built in about 4 hours. The event bot still need a lot of training and work before it will be released to the public. We will continue to train it internally and we need to further develop the images, persona and the mobile friendly version.

Benefits of a Bot

A chatbot or event bot can help you provide a strong user experience in a number of ways, here are a few things to consider:

  • Respond immediately: By using a chatbot, you can help many users avoid long wait times for phone-based customer support agents or even longer wait times for email- and form-based support. A chatbot can be available immediately.
  • Stay open 24×7: Staffing a customer support center around the clock can be extremely expensive. For some departments—such as HR—it might not be possible. A chatbot, however, can answer questions 24×7, even on holidays.
  • Keep it conversational: Chatbots help make it easy for users to find the information they need. Users can ask questions in a conversational way, and the chatbots can help them refine their searches through their responses and follow-up questions. Having had substantial experience with personal assistants on their smartphones and elsewhere, users today expect this level of informal interaction. When chatbot users are happy, the organizations employing the chatbots benefit.
  • Reduce costs: The potential to reduce costs is one of the clearest benefits of using a chatbot. A chatbot can provide a new first line of support, supplement support during peak periods or offer an additional support option. In all of these cases, employing a chatbot can help reduce the number of users who need to speak with a human. You can avoid scaling up your staff or offering human support around the clock.
  • Improve loyalty: By providing a responsive, efficient experience for customers, employees and partners, a chatbot will improve satisfaction and loyalty. Whether your chatbot answers questions about employees’ corporate benefits or provides answers to technical support questions, users can come away with a strengthened connection to your organization.