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Keynote Speaker – Oliver Buechse

Founder of My Strategy Source and co-Founder of Advancing AI Wisconsin

About Oliver
When we have an opportunity to self-disrupt – whether as individuals or organizations – we face what for some of us is one of the most difficult challenges, for others it is a way of life: leaving our comfort zone for the benefit of evolution. For many years I prided myself in a unique combination of strategy skills and perspectives, forged initially during my days as a McKinsey consultant and refined through corporate and executive experiences as Head of Strategy at Union Bank and Chief Strategy Officer at Associated Bank.

In 2016 I had what I call my Digital Awakening, starting to fully understand the pending impacts of AI and other disruptive technologies. It was a humbling moment and the beginning of a continuing learning journey. Advancing AI Wisconsin became a shared home with many other passionate individuals to foster continued learning while creating awareness among those who have not yet begun their digital journey. By combing Strategy skills with an ever deeper understanding of the individual, organizational, educational and societal opportunities and challenges we will face in the age of AI, we can help others navigate the wave of disruption.

Matthew David

About Matthew
Matthew David is a digital leader who has successfully delivered Cloud, Mobile and IOT solutions. He has written over a hundred articles and thirteen books that dig deep into explaining HTML5, Mobile Web Design, Mobile Development, IoT, DevOps , AI and Blockchain.

Matthew can be followed online at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewdavid

Jake Beyer

Director, Customer Care, EDCi

About Jake
Jake Beyer brings over 15 years of customer service and contact center experience to EDCi where he serves as the Director of Customer Care. Jake and his team focus on helping organizations optimize their contact center software and processes. This seamless integration allows for maximum efficiency. EDCi’s numerous innovation and growth awards are a testament to the unique approach that EDCi has used to solve business problems using process and technology. Jake is passionate about technology and invests a great deal of time into keeping his skills current. From complex contact center integrations to optimization and consulting, he understands the vital task of aligning IT with the strategic goals of the business.

Paul O’Dwyer


About Paul
Paul has over a decade of experience working on industry leading teams in bringing microservices, and AI to market, with delightful customer experiences. Paul joined Genesys through the Altocloud acquisition. Genesys Altocloud reduces customer acquisition costs, call handle time, and increases conversion rates through the use of real-time customer journey analytics and predictive engagement.

Wes Helms

Watson Strategic Partnerships Global Sales Manager, IBM

About Wes
Mr. Helms is global sales leader on the IBM Watson Strategic Partnerships team.  He has been with the IBM Watson Group since its inception in 2014.   Much of his 20 year career at IBM has been focused on creation of solutions that create value using innovative technologies.    Wes has also been an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago since 1998.  Teaching a variety of courses on business and project management.


Chad Kopitzke

Founder of NeXtGen Advantage

About Chad
Chad Kopitzke is founder of NeXtGen Advantage, an innovative talent management firm based in Neenah, Wisconsin. As a human capital expert with specialized knowledge of generational issues in the workplace, Chad brings a unique vantage point to modern business culture. He hears what business leaders need and what keeps them up at night, yet he also recognizes the landmines those same business leaders are planting in their own path. Chad’s forward-thinking approach to talent management—which involves putting the human element back into human resources even while embracing advanced technology—can effectively disarm an employer’s impending dangers and help companies thrive well into the future.