Customer Service Executive Roundtable

Today’s leaders need actionable insights and meaningful connections to make smart business decisions and drive positive change within their organizations. To enable this, EDCi, together with the Loop Group and BDK & Associates, has created a Customer Service Executive Roundtable to foster an environment of safe sharing and open peer dialogue that that will help move your industry forward.

While organizations are mapping out vastly different plans and strategies for the coming year, the only thing that is certain is that everything is uncertain. Thanks to technology-driven disruption, contact centers can struggle to evolve with the times and deliver excellent customer service in the process. At the 2020 Customer Service Executive Roundtable, you will have the opportunity to learn what other contact center leaders are doing, while also gaining an understanding of what went well and what is not going well.

Digitizing the workforce, enabling agents with new skill sets and attracting and retaining the right talent are crucial to your business success. Pair these themes with discussions around innovation and collaboration and add in the relationships you’ll forge and this conference could be the most valuable event you attend all year!

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