Help Augment Seats in your Healthcare Contact Center

Posted April 27, 2022 by EDCi

Filling seats and retaining talent within your contact center is essential to lowering handle time and providing an overall heightened customer experience.

Our contact center platform provides the perfect solution to help augment seats, improve ROI, improve agent and customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency within your contact center.

Easily provide your organization great analytics, reporting, and insight from your contact center while delivering a great customer experience with a guaranteed ROI.

We will show you a 5-15% improvement on your key metrics within 60 days, or you pay nothing. No questions asked or strings attached.

When it comes to augmenting seats, this can be done through the contact center using our EHRConnect integration to dip into EMR (Electronic Medical Records ie: EPIC) to Empower Agents and Augment Seats in real time.

EHRConnect transforms the healthcare contact center into a single patient communication platform. Point solutions for appointment reminders are costly and the siloed technology can create confusion for patients. EHRConnect can send appointment reminders for you, and it eliminates reminders sent to patients after they have cancelled their appointment.

As stated above, EHRConnect also serves real-time patient data to your contact center agents from your electronic health records. By using automation, adhering to business protocols, and mapping patient history you can turn your contact center into a revenue generating solution.

EHRConnect will save your agents time and improve the overall patient experience.

Here’s How:

  • With over 60% of call volume being scheduling and billing, we are able to contain over 40% of those patients in self-service.
  • Average call times are reduced to 6 minutes, which saves agents time and provides the potential to augment staff.
  • For the uncontained calls, EHRConnect is able to authenticate the patient, identify if the call is for billing, appointment reminders, or an outreach campaign. This in turn, shaves off an average of 90 seconds on every call.

Companies using our agent-focused omni-channel tools, deep analytics, powerful reporting, and smart performance management, understand how and when to make intentional decisions to improve their operations. That being said, engaged and satisfied call-center employees are also essential to boosting contact center performance.

McKinsey & Co. reported that engaged and satisfied call-center employees are:

  • 8.5x more likely to stay than leave within a year
  • 4x more likely to stay than dissatisfied colleagues
  • 3.3x more likely to feel extremely empowered to resolve customer issues

Great managers know  how to coach agents to perform better  and increase higher contact center ROI. Outstanding performance only happens when you set clear goals, give regular feedback, and  report progress to your team. When the team does not know what is expected of them, or how they are meeting (or missing) expectations, they cannot contribute effectively to team and company goals. Below are five strategies to help improve your agent experience.

5 Strategies to Improve Agent Experience in the Contact Center:

  1. Give agents greater control over work arrangements
  2. Invest in seamless agent workflows
  3. Empower agents with ongoing access to knowledge and training
  4. Consolidate your technology and make the move to the cloud
  5. Listen to what employees have to say

Not only is our contact center platform easy to use and loved by agents, but it also improves efficiency and has all the modern features, including voice, chat, email, text, and more. From a management perspective, you will be able to analyze data and simplify agent experience, all while engaging and empowering your agents.

Centralize your patient communications and take control of where, when, and how you communicate with your patients. Want more information on the EHRConnect Integration? Watch this quick video to learn more about its capabilities: