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Digital Workspace and how it’s Transforming the IT Landscape

Posted on Aug 20, 2018 by

Digital Transformation is a hot topic for many enterprises. It is about a lot more than simply bringing new technologies to the workplace, it is about remaining competitive in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world. Watch this short video blog to learn more about empowering your employees with higher productivity and strengthen security policies to […]

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Cisco ASA Vulnerability Just Released

I was snooping through Reddit(/r/networking) today keeping up on the latest and greatest in the IT world and I came across this new critical Cisco ASA remote code exec vulnerability advisory. The Cisco Security Advisory affects anyone running SSLVPN/AnyConnect on their ASA so I thought it was worth sharing. There is a summary below and […]

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Citrix Announces XenMobile 10.6.5

Posted on Jul 6, 2017 by

Citrix has recently announced the release of the XenMobile 10.6.5 public store client. XenMobile 10.6.5 includes updated public store versions of Secure Hub, Secure Mail and Secure Web for iOS and Android. The XenMobile 10.6.5 Secure Hub for iOS and Android is available in public app stores as of June 28, 2017. The Secure Mail […]

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Why A SIEM Platform is Critical to Every Organization

One of the most intensive and time consuming processes that any security engineer tackles is trying to put together the pieces of an attack lifecycle. From the endpoint analysis to the detection capabilities on the network devices, tracing an incident throughout your organization requires advanced technical skills and a solid methodology from the security analyst.  […]

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