Monthly Archives: January 2018

Cisco ASA Vulnerability Just Released

I was snooping through Reddit(/r/networking) today keeping up on the latest and greatest in the IT world and I came across this new critical Cisco ASA remote code exec vulnerability advisory. The Cisco Security Advisory affects anyone running SSLVPN/AnyConnect on their ASA so I thought it was worth sharing. There is a summary below and […]

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EDCi Announces UWEBC Membership

Posted on Jan 10, 2018 by

Appleton, WI – January 10, 2018 – EDCi is pleased to announce our membership with the UW E-Business Consortium (UWEBC). UWEBC members are world-class companies from a broad range of industries, facilitating cross-pollination of innovative ideas. This vibrant community of members enjoys more than fifty peer group meetings a year in four focus areas: marketing, […]

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